For beginners: Learn to produce music!

Realize your musical ideas.
Create your own songs.
Explore the exciting world of music production!

I know, it might seem like a big technical mountain at first:
Mixing, Ableton, Mastering, Sequencer, BPM,¬†Synthesizer,¬†808, Autotune, MIDI, Compression, Phantom Power, Analog, Digital…’ the list goes on and on…

Probably you’ve heard some of it before – but what does it have to do with your music?
You might have questions like:

What equipment should I buy?
How do I make quality recordings of my voice and instruments?
How do I transform an idea into a releasable song?
How can music software help me reach new levels of creativity?

I will help you with that!

With a highly effective approach we will focus on new techniques and tools step by step – making sure that theory and knowledge are always backed up by musical application.

You will learn to record, edit and finish your music and achieve exciting skills along the way.

Standard lessons: 60 min/week or 120 min/every two weeks centrally in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Interested? Let’s meet for a first lesson (free of charge), where I will give you an in-detail overview over my teaching concept and prices. Please fill in the form below.

Advanced lessons: Improve your producer skills!

As fun as producing is – we all reach our limits at times.
Are you looking for:

Inspiration, new techniques and solutions to audio-related problems?
In-depth knowledge about software, hardware and production aspects?
Transformation from studio to live, live act building and promotion?

I can support you. Please fill in the form below.

Yes, I’m interested in producing lessons.
Please send me details.

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Please see dates for current workshop dates.

Past workshops for: SAE, Music Pool Berlin, Noisy Academy, Drumtrainer Berlin