Music Production Tips & Inspiration

Electronic Music live – Concepts & Drummers!

In addition to my workshops: A collection of inspiring videos (not only) for drummers. Enjoy.

Yellow Magic Orchestra (80s, Very influential –  Kraftwerk of Asia)

Trentemoeller live (King of emotional Electro, tours with live band)

Electro Guzzi, Minimal Techno live band from Austria

How a popular electronic beat is created from oldschool records (The Prodigy)

Legendary Techno DJ Jeff Mills plays with an orchestra

Ricardo Villalobos (Minimal Techno hero) made a track with a tabla master

Squarepusher (Freak! Intense live show)

Gaiser (One of my favorite Minimal Techno Producers, also Drummer)

Drum’n Bass Drummers:
KJ Sawka

Jungle Drummer (Best one, in my opinion)
Instructional video:

Jojo Mayer of course (crossing the gap between club music and art)

Zach Danziger (more Fusion, but very creative and interesting drummer)

Techno Street Drummer:

Working in a dark room? A great tool to relax your eyes

This is one of the best tools I have ever come across.

Many of us enjoy working at night. It’s quiet and mystical. There’s one problem though:
Less ambience light means more stress for the eyes as computer screen lighting becomes more intense.

Enter: F.LUX

This wonderful little program colors your screen depending on the time of day.
At night the screen will become much ‘warmer’ – making it much easier to work.


For Windows & Mac – and its free. Download it today!

A warning though: I have experienced audio problems on one laptop with it (a cpu spike every 15 seconds – not a problem, except if you need a highly reliable machine for live performances.)

All hail the uninvolved listener.

Sometimes when we have worked on a song for too long we start to loose focus. Gregory Kush knows a smart trick to refresh our hearing.

How live drums sound with different reverbs!