Music Production Tips & Inspiration

Electronic Music live – Concepts & Drummers!

In addition to my workshops: A collection of inspiring videos (not only) for drummers. Enjoy.

Yellow Magic Orchestra (80s, Very influential –  Kraftwerk of Asia)

Trentemoeller live (King of emotional Electro, tours with live band)

Electro Guzzi, Minimal Techno live band from Austria

How a popular electronic beat is created from oldschool records (The Prodigy)

Legendary Techno DJ Jeff Mills plays with an orchestra

Ricardo Villalobos (Minimal Techno hero) made a track with a tabla master

Squarepusher (Freak! Intense live show)

Gaiser (One of my favorite Minimal Techno Producers, also Drummer)

Drum’n Bass Drummers:
KJ Sawka

Jungle Drummer (Best one, in my opinion)
Instructional video:

Jojo Mayer of course (crossing the gap between club music and art)

Zach Danziger (more Fusion, but very creative and interesting drummer)

Techno Street Drummer:

Working in a dark room? A great tool to relax your eyes

This is one of the best tools I have ever come across.

Many of us enjoy working at night. It’s quiet and mystical. There’s one problem though:
Less ambience light means more stress for the eyes as computer screen lighting becomes more intense.

Enter: F.LUX

This wonderful little program colors your screen depending on the time of day.
At night the screen will become much ‘warmer’ – making it much easier to work.


For Windows & Mac – and its free. Download it today!

A warning though: I have experienced audio problems on one laptop with it (a cpu spike every 15 seconds – not a problem, except if you need a highly reliable machine for live performances.)

All hail the uninvolved listener.

Sometimes when we have worked on a song for too long we start to loose focus. Gregory Kush knows a smart trick to refresh our hearing.

How live drums sound with different reverbs!

Alligatoah Live Band 2016

Alligatoah has a live band since 2014.

Great to be part of that wonderful group.
I’m the live producer, fire the samples and put the other guys through my FX.

Alligatoah (Vocals)
Battleboi Basti (Vocals)
Benjamin Ostarek (Clarinet)
Hannes Kelch (Guitars)
Onkel (Drums)
Tobias Heymer (Live Electronics / DJ)

Alligatoah DJ
Alligatoah Live Band
Alligatoah at Highfield 2015
Alligatoah @ Frequency

Photo credits: Instagram (1), Universität Bielefeld (2), Sven Strickert (3), Ben Kriemann | Fritz (4), Claudio Malaguti (5,8), Matze Vogel (6,7)